15 de agosto de 2015

Writing Project 1

Esto en verdad es una chorrada, pero ya que escribo algo pues lo pongo por aquí también. No son más que los deberes del curso de escritura de Coursera, que consistía en describir una experiencia vital desde un punto de vista en particular en menos de 500 palabras. Lo primero que se me ocurrió que pudiera interesar al profe éste neozelandés fue esto:

I remember being with my mother in the park, very interested in what lied inside my bucket of sand. I was barely seven years old and she was much younger than what I remember of her now.
-Honey, I have something to tell you- she said.
The tone already told me it wasn’t the happiest of news so, as I guessed I had been doing something wrong and was about to get scold, I didn’t lift my eyes to meet hers. Instead I kept fondling with my bucket in a nervous gesture.
-Honey, look at me please – she tried grabbing my attention, but she already had it. – I have to tell you that we’re moving.
I immediately looked up, more puzzled than anything. –Where? - I asked.
-We’re going to America, to the United States. Isn’t that amazing?
I had no idea where that was or what that was going to imply in my future, but I was already scared. I was scared of losing my friends and having to start over in a new school, nothing new for a boy my age. What I wasn’t scared of was of things I couldn’t even understand with only seven years. Having to deal with a language barrier when moving from Spain to Maryland was going to be my main problem while living there. But that wasn’t all.
Later that afternoon I hurried down to my grandfathers’ house, a few blocks from mine. They were the relatives I spent the most time with, more than with my parents even. I wanted to tell them the news which they obviously knew already. My continental swapping would happen sooner than I expected so, sadly, I had to say goodbye to them right there.
As a child I thought everything and everyone in Spain would stay in place while I was gone and when I came back I was going to find it all in its place. I didn’t imagine time passing for everyone just as it was going to pass for me. Even though I wasn’t aware of it, that day when I said goodbye to my grandparents and other family members, I was saying goodbye to some of them for the last time.

¡¡Y me han puesto muy buena nota!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

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