16 de junio de 2015

Book Review: James Schannep ★★★★☆

Superpowered, by James Schannep

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I remember reading so many of these type of books when I was a kid. After every page or so, you get to choose between a few options of what would you do to continue the story and you flipped to the page indicated. I've always wondered what happened to them, why nobody was ever writting like that for kids anymore. I recieved this book by surprise and was very excited to see current writers still reliving this style of entertainment.

I have to say, I've tried severall options but they all leave me dead or somewhat lost in the universe, so that hasn't changed much since I was smaller. I'm guessing there's a way of 'winning' but I can't manage to find it.

Anyway, the storyline was fun and entertaining, which is what one expects from the book so it served its purpose. I loved all the refenrences of the geek culture and every little wink in there. It's a great homage to the 80's. I was left very pleased with the memories it brought back.

Maybe because of this precise reason, someone who hasn't experimented with these books back in the old days might not fully get Superpowered, but just maybe.

2 comentarios:

  1. Pues creo que es esos, el chiste no es siempre ganar, sino intentarlo. Alli está la diversión....
    Ay, sonó como la moraleja del día..

    1. Sí, pero también es verdad que todos tienen una página en la que dice que has ganado o has vencido al malo o lo que sea. Este también la tiene, que la vi hojeando el libro, pero nunca he llegado a ganar en uno de estos libros :(