21 de junio de 2015

Book Review: Elliiot Carruthers ★★★★★

New word a day vol I, by Elliot Carruthers

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This was one of those books that gave me surprise after surprise. Good ones.

When I recieved it i thought it would be child-level vocabulary, but after flipping through the pages I realised I knew none of the words there. That's right, NONE. So as far as teaching vocabulary it definitely serves its purpose! Then I started to fully read it and found out it was also entertaining. Maybe it's just my sense of humor or maybe it really is THAT funny. The thing is I laughed out loud through out the whole book.

I'm so happy to had the opportunity to read it. This is the funnest "learning" book I remember reading ever. Totally recomended.

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  1. ¡Dios mío! Tengo que hacerme con él. ¡Qué bien escribes inglés! ¡Envidiacaaaa!

  2. lo de volver a romeo cuando???