9 de abril de 2015

Book Review: Richard J. Bennett ★★★★☆

The Lovely Chocolate Mob, by Richard J. Bennett

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This book was such a surprise. I really didn't know what to expect from the title (even less from the cover), but after reading it I guess it's the most accurate posible.

I'm very fond of how organic all of the characters feel. It's like I've met someone like all them at some point of my life. The group of friends that carry out all the action feel convincing and real. They seem so chill you would love to hang out with them if they didn't get involved into such gruesome plans later on.

I was so excited to see clever storytelling-methods. The psicologist appointments serve as a perfect way to give us the main characters backround. What I loved is that it was twisted around another notch and it also developed the plot even further. Bravo.

It was a hilarious read with no effert put into it. You just can't stop reading. Very fresh and fun, highly recomended.

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  1. si Logan y Toñi han tenido unas palabras despues de las broncas
    no seas huevon y ponte a hablar con la gente
    que dejaste colgada.