24 de marzo de 2015

Book Review: Suren ★★☆☆☆

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I found really unfortunate the decision of making the main character the anti-hero type, especially for a fantasy novel. One never imagines to have a hero who goes to sleazy clubs, hits on girls even though he's engaged, calls out women by their breast size instead of by their name and consumes lots of alcohol and drugs. So from that point I was pretty much "surprised".

On another note I'm sorry to say I had a hard time with the pace of the novel in general. I found that the plot wasn't fully developed and that it was too rushed. I guess that when you want to bring out a major supernatural theme with huge mysteries that defy a 'normal-world situation' you need to create a solid mythological bed for it to lay on. The plot was explained clearly and I understood it, but it wasn't developed and ended feeling like the synthesis of the novel rather than the novel itself. And thats even worse considering it is hundreds of pages long.

Basically I felt that it had the pace that a 2-hour movie of this novel should have. When reading one expects a lot more questions to be answered and a lot more depth to the situation described.

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