27 de marzo de 2015

Book Review: Stephen Domena, Tiffany Domena ☆☆☆☆☆

Someone Covets you : An Allegory that Exposes the Subliminal Battles of our Lives by Stephen Domena, Tiffany Domena

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I have to admit, when a book says you are 'disgusting to the eyes of God' since page 2 it's probably not going to be a pleasent read.

And it wasn't.

But then I started reading the book for what it was, the most simple and basic moral guide for the most simple and basic people who know nothing about anything and have no criteria whatsoever for telling between truths and lies. I guess it serves its purpose in that case.

Big fan of the Bill O'Reilly style of science-bashing "tide goes up, tide goes down. You can't explain that".

The thing is, you can.

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