30 de marzo de 2015

Book Review: Preeti Gupta ★★★★☆

I'll Put 3 Chips on God - just in case there is one by Preeti Gupta

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This was actually a pleasent read . Very humorous and very light hearted to make it fast and easy and filled with imaginative ways of explaining the hardest concepts described. The humor helps bring a non pretentious tone which I find sadly common in spiritual and religious books, although the "those who don't believe" tag almost threw it all away.

I personally found it way too long for the sole reason that half of what is explained was already familiar to me. Some of it, well known because of popular culture such as the concept of karma and reincarnation. This is the only thing I have against it, that it could have been written in half of its length.

On the other hand it will serve as a very complete compendium for the "spiritually oblivious" and I'm guessing all the humor comes in hand when facing so many concepts for the first time.

Overall, as I said an enjoyable read.

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