20 de marzo de 2015

Book Review: Denise Longrie ★★★★★

Always Coming Home, by Denise Longrie

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I actually like how short it is, since it is what impresses me most. When I saw the lenght I thought there was no way to develop a complete story without making it look like the trailer of a bigger novel.

Not only does it creat whole characters as human as posible (everyone has had a loved one who isn't playing life smartly, a partner, friend, family member or even themself) it also takes time to add a different narrative level giving out occasional fantasy-horror moments. I find this little detail amazing and so enjoyable, especially when you take into account it has been acheived in barely 25 pages long!

Wonderful read, with short stories like these there is no way to lose even if you don't like it, which I doubt.

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  1. Por lo que dejas saber tiene todo lo que necesita una buena historia. Sin duda lo añado a mi lista de "pendientes".