28 de marzo de 2015

Book Review: Dean C. Moore ★★★★☆

Reinaissance 2.0: Carnival of Characters, Crusades, and Causes by Dean C. Moore

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I haven't felt surprised by a sci-fi novel in a long time. It seems that even though this should be an important factor of the genre most authors tend to lean on the obvious plots and scenarios. This book did the exact opposite, it presents a complete out of the box way of carrying out the 'meta-human age' plot making it funny and dinamic at the same time.

I find its best feature to be the dark and sarcastic humor most of its characters excel at, which matches perfectly with all the gore moments that elevate the philosophically intriguing dialogues to brilliant epic and raunchy scenes.

I'm very fond of finding characters with alternative inner dramas I'm sure I never found in any other sci-fi novel and I think it's what makes the read feel so current and organic.

If you liked other indie sci-fi stories such as 'The invisibles' by Grant Morrison you will definetly enjoy this series.

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